Artisan Competition 2021

Artisan Competition 2022


Are you a true artisan of taste when it comes to cocktails? And would you like to win a trip to Diplomático’s distillery in Venezuela?

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity? The kind of chance you don’t see everyday? Or maybe an adventure with a shot of standing out? Are you a true artisan of taste when it comes to cocktails? Do you have the craftsmanship needed to make your own outstanding cocktail? And do you work at a bar here in Denmark?

If you can answer yes to all of that, you have the opportunity to win a trip to Diplomático’s distillery in Venezuela and become part of the global Diplomático family of bartenders. All national winners will have their winning cocktail included in the Diplomático cocktail book.

We are looking for innovative bartenders, who can renew the cocktail world. Once upon a time no one had tried a Mojito or an Old Fashioned. So why shouldn’t your secret cocktail be next in line to be known all around the world?

Read more at Diplomático’s own website here


A few details on the Danish part of the competition

You’ll find Diplomático’s criteria on which the jury will judge the cocktails further down this page.

Deadline for sending in your application is September 28th.

You can find the application form here.

Please also remember to register your contact information on the global site, so you will become part of the global Diplomático family of bartenders.


Shortly after September 28th, we will announce the finalists who will have to serve their cocktail for a jury during the final. At the final event, the national winner will be announced.

The winner will join the team of global winners on a trip to Diplomático’s distillery in Venezuela in the beginning of 2023.


Send your application to Torben (

If you have any questions you can contact Anders ( / phone 31 45 51 33), Julian ( / phone 92 44 41 07) or Marcus ( / phone 92 44 41 07)

The serve - 50%


Just as if you were one of our experienced Master Blenders – use your knowledge and skills to create the different ingredients you will use to make your Diplomático serve.

You are allowed to use your own home made ingredients in your serve. Use as many ingredients as you want, as long ad you can replicate the serve in the different stages of the competition.

We will evaluate your serve considering the home made preparations that you used, flavour and balance, creativity, presentation, and how it enhances the Diplomático profile.

Sustainability - 20%

Apply sustainable ingredients

At the Diplomático distillery, we are firmly commited to environment protection, and we want you to do the same by applying sustainable techniques and ingredients in the creation of your serve.

We will evaluate the overall sustainability of your serve, considering every detail involved in the production of your serve, such as the ingredients, the home made preparations, the techniques you used, the garnish, the glass etc.

Local ingredients - 20 %

Support local producers

We will evaluate positively on the use of local ingredients. We love to share and take care of the communities we are part of – support local producers from your region by using their products in your serve.

The use of local products will be positively taken into consideration when evaluating the serves from the participants.


Social Media - 10%

Create something for the world to see

Social media acticity regarding the creation of the cocktail and the cocktail itself will be taken into account.

Marks will mainly be based on the quality of the content created, being secondary the amount of posts and number of likes.