Artisan Competition 2021

Artisan Competition 2021


Win a trip to Diplomatico’s distillery in Venezuela.

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime opportunity? The kind of chance you don’t see everyday? Or maybe an adventure with a shot of standing out? Are you a true artisan of taste when it comes to cocktails? Do you have the craftsmanship needed to make your own outstanding cocktail? And do you work at a bar here in Denmark?

If you can answer yes to all of that, you have the opportunity to win a trip to Diplomatico’s distillery in Venezuela and become part of the global Diplomatico family of bartenders. All national winners will have their winning cocktail included in the Diplomatico cocktail book.

We are looking for innovative bartenders, who can renew the the cocktail world. Once upon a time no one had tried a mojito or an old fashion. So why shouldn’t your secret cocktail not be next in line to be known all around the world?

Read more at Diplomatico’s own website here.

A few details on the Danish part of the competition

Deadline for sending in your application is July 31st.

You can find the application form here.

Please also remember to register your contact information on the global site, so you will become part of the global Diplomatico family of bartenders.

On August 5th, we will announce the finalists who will join us for a Diplomatico Rooftop party at Nimb. The date for the Rooftop party is August 7th.

During October, the finalist have to serve their cocktail at their own bar – we will support this. During this period, the judges will visit each participating bar to taste the cocktail and view how the bartender presents the cocktails. We will help promote the participating bar so we get as many cocktail enthusiast as possible to taste the cocktails.

The winner will be announced by us in early October, and will join the team of global winners on a trip to Diplomatico’s distillery in Venezuela in the beginning of 2022.

Contact Anders ( phone 31 45 51 33) or Julian ( phone 92 44 41 07) if you have any questions or wish to sign up.